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Save the date. 

On July 16th, Midevenings will debut it’s SUMMER SEASON PREMIERE! Watch it on Thursday at Midnight on MNN 4!

Our premiere episode of the season features comedian John Early ( johnearly ). Here, you’ll get to watch poor Jay beg John to become his best friend. Stay tuned to see if John says YES!

There is also a cartoon by holysharkblog (Neally), who makes the best shorts videos ever!

Tune in next week. And don’t worry! I’ll post another reminder next week!!

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Dear Generation Before Mine

I am so disappointed in you!

You led me to believe you knew what was going on, and you knew how to take care of it!

And here we are 20-30 some years later and you took care of none of the problems! They are all still here, and not just those problems there are a whole slew of new problems. 

I would not be so mad if in the beginning you would have just said “Oh, those things? Yeah man, I got no idea whats going on with that.” but you did not.

Now my generation is here with all these problems and we were not prepared for them, because you said you had this!

The Next Generation.

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The Debut of Teenz Talkin TCGS for TV


On Friday, June 27th at 6 PM, tcgsteenz will make their debut on MNN 4.

If you live in Manhattan with Time Warner Cable, turn on channel 67 or channel 1998 on June 27th, Friday, at 6 PM sharp!

This is the first television I ever produced and I am so proud of this!

Thanks to

My friend Jeany worked on this, so its probably great! You should watch it with your eyed balls. 

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My boss was not in the office today and I drew butts all day!


Mo Buttz


Not only did they get an A+ on the paper, they got an A+ butt!


If only drawing butts was a full time job, I would be a buttillionaire!

Look at that upside down spider-butt


Saw Tig Notaro and tonight, they were really great! Unrelated here is a butt doing standup


I had some ice cream earlier, here is a butt drinking a milk shake!


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The Thing That Makes Me The Most Angry

The Thing That Makes Me The Most Angry

By Neal Morrison           Age 30

The thing that makes me the most angry in the whole entire world is my online banking App on my iPod. 

It says it is a fast easy way to deposit a check when in reality it is a slow painful way for me to get frustrated and stressed out. 

It says if I hold steady and center a check in the middle of the screen it will take a photo. But what it actually does is it continues to pop up the words “Hold Steady” on the screen even after I jerry-rig it and the check so that they are firmly planted and cannot move. Then it will randomly quit out of the app causing me to relog into my account. 

I try everything to get it to work including the use of professional lighting and still 49/50 times I try to use it it does not work at all. 

Unlike every other app on it that is used to take a photo if I tap a part of the screen it does not try to focus on that part of the screen and instead does nothing. I try flipping the device around and getting farther and getting closer, but it almost never takes a photo. 

It is the worst and I would be better if it did not exist and I would then just take a bus to my banks, but every time I think “well I can just use the mobile app and save myself a trip”.



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I feel like I should blog on here more, but I am afraid if I do it will make people depressed and suicidal, because I am mildly depressing and not to be insulting but I do not think you are as emotionally strong as I am.